right|ly [ `raıtli ] adverb **
1. ) for a good reason:
It was a vicious foul, and the referee rightly removed him from the game.
quite rightly (=very rightly): Everyone is quite rightly concerned about what is going to happen now.
and rightly so (=very rightly): The public is worried, and rightly so.
2. ) correctly or accurately:
as you rightly point out/say: There is a lot to be done, but as you rightly say, we must move carefully.
if I remember rightly: He was driving his mother's car, if I remember rightly.
I don't rightly know/I can't rightly say SPOKEN
used for saying that you are not certain whether something is true or not
rightly or wrongly
used for saying that something is true, whether people think it is a good thing or a bad thing:
They believe, rightly or wrongly, that their violent protest will achieve their aims.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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